Client: Client: Prince of Wales Hospital Agency:Agency: Deloitte Australia

Jury Comments
One of those uses of technology that solves a genuine issue. A solution that feels as though it should have existed earlier.


Client: Prince of Wales Hospital

Agency: Deloitte Australia

Creative Director: Charles Baylis

Chief Creative Officer: Matt Lawson

Engagement Partner: Rob White

Creative Partner: Adrian Mills

Solution Lead: Nick White

Design/Deployment Lead: Deb Lancaster

Technical Architecture SME: Tim Bradey

ServiceNow SME: Amy Glencross

Technical Lead: Mike Kennedy

Designer: Olivia Mallett

Design/Test: Saty Kar

Core developer: Alex Yu

Architect: Rahul Zarabi

Designer: Upendra Sawant

Developer: John Reuben Madrasto

Developer: Raymund Vincent Cruz

Deployment : Katie Riuli

Design/Test: Conrad Hamill